A Word to Church Goers: Take Care of Your Body: July 24.17

body pic.jpg

This word is to the true followers of Christ inside the Christian congregations.
I want to give you some insight about the spiritual condition of some of your pastors and leaders.
Many pastors and leaders are wounded and hurt. Over time they have slowly fallen away from the truth. They are apostate. I tell you the truth! Their time has been taken up with people and helping them with their problems that they have not had a chance to take a shower…spiritually speaking. They have become complacent.
They have not taken the time to bathe in God’s presence to wash off all the dirt from themselves. Some haven’t taken a shower in months or years! They have been contaminated, diseased, and they are in a very dangerous place.
A leader who does not take the time to regularly wash the spiritual dirt off themselves will inevitably dirty and may even disease the members of the congregation. They will be desensitized to sin. They will be unable to truly hear God’s voice and they will consequentially knowingly or unknowingly operate in a witchcraft spirit. From the pulpit, they will speak out of gossip, try to manipulate or entertain you. They will not warn against sin and they will not tell you about Jesus and his work on the cross but will instead lift themselves and their ministry up.
If you can see this, it is your responsibility to help your leaders. I will give you three ways you can do this.
-Don’t talk bad about the leaders to other members. When you do this, you are harming an already diseased part of the body, and doing the work of Satan. Instead, first pray for them because they have a huge responsibility before the Lord. God will judge them more harshly in the end so leave that in God’s hands. You are to love them. Pray for them and their families as they are often most targeted by the enemy. Your leaders need your prayers. Show them mercy and grace.
-Gently approach them and ask them with sincerity, how you can pray for them. Then pray for them in your private time and pray for them in a group with other true believers.
-Serve your leaders so that they can be alone with God in Prayer. If they have kids, baby sit them, cook them a meal. Do something so that they can spend time alone with God so they can take that much needed spiritual shower that is long overdue!
If the leader doesn’t want to repent, consider leaving the congregation and ask the Lord to lead you. Pray before you do this. Let the Holy Spirit guide you. Stay in relationship with those who you know are true. Meet regularly in your homes to pray, worship, and seek the Lord.
Remember, when one part of the body suffers, the entire body suffers. Cut out the disease, be a vessel of healing and restoration. Take care of your body.

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