The True Kingdom Of God July 25.17

pic me kindom

Jesus instructed us to make disciples and proclaim the kingdom. He sent them out. He never told us to make mega buildings and put the label church on it.

Jesus knew He himself was the church…He called himself the temple. This is why religious leaders hated him.

Jesus hung out with 12 friends. He had his hands full with these 12 but he genuinly loved them. He taught them stuff. He knew them each by name.

How well do you know your leaders and fellow congregants? Do they teach you to follow Jesus and show you your need for Jesus? Do these people really know you personally?

I can’t imagine making diciples in megachurches.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong! I want to know what the truth is! Can anybody out there help me understand??? Am I wrong?? I am open to correction if I am.

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