What’d You Do with The Money? July 21.17

money pic

Friends, if you are in the kingdom of God, you have been given spiritual coins or a coin. You were given a spiritual personal check or money order with you name on it. You can call this your talent or talents.

When you stand before God on judgment day, He will ask you: “Son or Daughter, What did you do with the money I gave you?”

Did you invest it in the stock market? Did you take that risk to multiply it and make it grow?

Or were you afraid of losing the money? Did you compare yourself to someone else and say I’m not good enough? I’m afraid. That other person is more talented than I am so I won’t even try.
These two people will have very different eternal outcomes. Study Mathew 25:14-30.
Examine yourselves friends, your eternal destiny depends on it.

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