On Miscarried/Unborn Babies: 9.1.17

baby pic

If a mom miscarries a baby, does the baby not exist anymore because the baby was never actually born? Does the baby disappear completely? I thought this quote would be neat to share for all the women who have miscarried or had an abortion and regretted it.

This is what man of God Sundar Selvaraj Sadhu had to say:

“Little children they go back to…Little babies who die in their mother’s stomach, those babies that you kill, those little children who die, they don’t disappear, they are all carefully kept in the hands of God. None is lost. You may kill, but God preserves them. Even those babies, women who suffer miscarriage is not lost. Is not lost . The ovum that comes out of the mother’s womb, is carefully collected by the angels and they bring them to heaven. From there, they grow. They grow from little babies, they all grow to adults.”-Sundar Selvaraj Sadhu August 27, 2017. The Trumpet Warning Conference Pt. 5

Youtube Video: 34:22- 35:11

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